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Yuri Shimaoka 

Karaoke Ballet

vecka 25: 17-18 juni

This workshop is a part of Ellen Söderhult, Nathalie Wiberg and Yuri Shimaoka residency granted by the Art Council / Konstnärsnämnden. 

Free of cost.

17 + 18 juni kl.10.00-12.00

Karaoke Ballet

"Viewing a ballet class as a microcosm of society, one which inherits its framework, rules, and a group of individuals with their own histories, Karaoke Ballet endeavors to practice collective healing in a celebratory way. We engage in breathing exercises based on ancient and contemporary practices to emphasize our middle line/axis and to activate the throat chakra, which is said to govern expression. Following this, we warm up our vocal cords and proceed with ballet barre and center work while singing songs. Through shared movement and voice, we joyfully engage with the inherited emotions within ourselves and our community, honoring all that arises and finding ways to dance together with them. This process aims for transformation, seeking to restore the essence of ballet's expressive voice, a.k.a ballet’s throat chakra, which has long been suppressed.

Karaoke ballet represents an expanded version of Yuri's ballet teaching practice, still in the process of formation. The exercises will be suggested but need not be remembered entirely if we maintain the direction of movement and avoid collisions. The workshop is open to all experience levels, although it is suggested to have some prior experience with ballet classes. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to Yuri. The workshop is free of charge. "

Photo Credit: Giorgia Bovo

Ellen Söderhult 

Choiring: the choir as protagonist

vecka 25: 19 juni

This workshop is a part of Ellen Söderhult, Nathalie Wiberg and Yuri Shimaoka residency granted by the Art Council / Konstnärsnämnden. 

Free of cost.

19 juni kl.18.00-20.00

Choiring: Kören som huvudroll

Roten till ordet ”koreo” i koreografi sägs vara ”chorus” eller ”choreo” som bland annat har översatts till ”sjungande och dansande kör”, kopplat till ordet för refräng, korus: en sång att sjungas av en stor grupp eller en del av en sång där alla stämmer in. Förslaget för den här workshopen är att utifrån ett koreografiskt och musikaliskt perspektiv undersöka lyssnande, röst och rörelse i grupp. Utgångspunkterna för workshopen är att hörseln till skillnad från synen kopplar ihop mer än separerar. 

Workshopen vänder sig till korister och dansare. Med inspiration i körsång, kulning och vokala- och lyssningspraktiker utvecklade av bland andra kompositören Pauline Oliveros, kommer vi börja med en röstuppvärmning och sen utforska lyssnande, rörelsen, sång och ljudande i några olika övningar, ledda experiment och instruktioner. I en del uppgifter kommer vi arbeta i mörker eller med slutna ögon för att se hur eller om det ändrar hur vi lyssnar och rör oss, men det går alltid bra att titta istället om det känns obekvämt och dessa uppgifter kommer inte inkludera någon fysisk beröring. 

Materialet i workshopen är delvis framarbetat från föreställningen DUNKA DUNKA: ett koreografiskt verk med körsång och dans för en liggande publik och Shane et al. som utforskade kören som huvudroll medelst bland annat körsång och kamouflage. Workshopen är gratis. Kontakta gärna workshop ansvarig Ellen Söderhult om du har några frågor om workshopen.

Choiring_ the choir as protagonist

The root of the work ”choreo” in choreography is said to be ”chorus” or ”choreo” which sometimes has been translated to ”a singing and dancing chorus”, connected to the word for refrain, chorus: a song to be sung by a large group or a part of a song where everybody sings along. The proposal for this workshop is to from a choreographic and musical perspective explore listening, voice and movement in group. The starting point for the workshop is that hearing in contrast to seeing connects things rather than separate. 

The workshop is directed to choir singers and dancers. With inspiration in choir singing, herding calling (kulning in Swedish) and vocal- and listening practices developed by amongst others Pauline Olivers, we will start with a led vocal warm-up and then explore listening, movement, sound-making and singing in some exercises, led experiments and instructions. In some exercises we will work in darkness or with closed eyes in order to see how it might change how we listen and move, but it is always ok to choose to have eyes open instead and these exercises will not include any physical contact. 

The material of the workshop is partly developed from the performance DUNKA DUNKA, a choreographic work with choir singing and dancing for a lying down audience and Shane et al. which was a dance performance investigating the choir as protagonist through choir singing and camouflage . The workshop is free or charge and you are welcome to contact the workshop responsible Ellen Söderhult if you have any questions. 

Foto: Tove Dreiman. Från föreställning Shane et al. av Ellen Söderhult

Gaga People / Gaga Dancers

Elena Bolelli

vecka 33: 12-16 augusti

Detta är ett samarbete mellan Teateralliansen, Dansalliansen,  Danscentrum Syd och ILDance.

Obs! För medlemmar DC Syd krävs ingen föranmälan.

Gaga People - för alla inom scenkonst området.

Vecka 33 Måndag, tisdag & onsdag kl. 9.15 - 10.15.

Gaga Dancers - för prof.dansare.

Vecka 33 Torsdag & fredag 9.15 - 10.30.

About Gaga

Gaga is the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, parallel to his work as a choreographer and artistic director (1990-2018) of Batsheva Dance Company. 

Gaga classes are predicated on a deep listening to the body and to physical sensations. The instructions are deployed to increase awareness of and further amplify sensation, information is layered, building into a multisensory, physically challenging experience. While many instructions are imbued with rich imagery, the research of Gaga is fundamentally physical, insisting on a specific process of embodiment. Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening the body and adding flexibility, stamina, agility, and skills including coordination and efficiency while stimulating the senses and imagination. 

Gaga/people classes offer a framework for users to connect to their bodies and imaginations, experience physical sensations, improve their flexibility and stamina, exercise their agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere.

Gaga/people classes are open to people ages 16+, regardless of their background in dance or movement. No previous dance experience is needed.


Elena Bolelli is an artist in the field of performing arts (movement/dance) and a certified Gaga teacher the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin. 

As a dancer, she has had the opportunity to perform works by: Lee Brummer,Jason Mabana, Stephanie Thomasen, Thomas Bentin, Marie BrolinTani, Tim Rushton, Matthew Robinson, Ihsan Rustem, Hannes Langolf, Lenka Vagnerova, Sita Ostheimer, . She graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and in 2018 earned a Master's in Performing Arts from NSCD.

Currently, she is pursuing a Master's in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship at the University of Bologna (2023/2024) and has participated in the "Dancing Age" project at the National Dance Foundation Aterballetto (ITALY) .

Möte med koreograf 

Alma Söderberg 

vecka 37: 9-13 september

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

Sign up here!    Anmäl dig här! Deadline/Sista ansökningsdag:  20240825

Week 37, 9-13 september Monday-Friday 11.00-16.00 inkl.lunch

Morning class 9.15-10.30: 

Somatic Oriented Movement Attunement with  Gaetano Badalamenti.


"We  we will work on warming up both body and voice through different exercises, a strong focus is on rhythmical work as well as how to connect the sound and a movement in a one-on-one manner in order to create an instrument with your body. We will work particularly with grounding and groove, finding ways to access a physicality that is both laid back and rhythmically tight. This will be done through the help of music and different somatic tools. 

Furthermore we will focus on polyrhythm, syncopation and synthesis. You will learn how to jam with polyrhythmic patterns, played out with both body and voice. We will work with rhythmical syncopation, creating a way of perceiving our dance as a rhythmical thing, as an ever-varying division of time in terms of rhythm. Finally, synthesis has to do with working on a detail level; making slight changes in tonus, tone, speed, intensity etc in order to make change really matter and to open up both your own and eventually the audiences ability to perceive more and come closer to the dance. "


Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer that works with music and dance. She uses her voice and body to play space as if it was an instrument. Her ongoing research deals with how we listen as we look; the relation between the ear and the eye. She has grounded her practice in a number of solo performances in which she developed an idiorhythmic way of creating. In the two ongoing musicprojects wowawiwa and John the Houseband, she has worked in collaboration with the other artists Anja Muller, Dennis Deter, Hendrik Willekens, Roger Sala Reyner and Melkorka Sigridur Magnusdottir. In all her works she collaborates closely with the sound artist Hendrik Willekens. Alma Söderberg has won the Thalia Prize and has been granted the Cullberg scholarship.

Möte med koreograf

 Horacio Macuacua (ES/MOZ)

vecka 43: 21 - 25 oktober

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This workshop is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

Week 43 2024, 21 - 25 oktober Monday - Friday 12.00 - 16.00.

Morning class -Flying low: Monday - Friday kl.9.15 - 10.30.

APPLY HERE!  Deadline: 2024 09 29

Sparkling Imagination 

“The inflexibility of the established paralyzes the movement, dims the ingenuity, casts a shadow over surprise.

But life force makes us adaptable, it gives us the opportunity to transform space and to translate energy into

matter, matter into its own evolution. The outline of the spontaneous is blurred to disappear, the margins of

the predictable are softened and we know the interrogation point that questions the automatic response. The

body allows us to transcend.”

Horacio proposes a highly physical work that demands attention, interest and intensity rather than a certain

technique level, challenging the potentiality of each dancer to push the limits of body imagination and

expression further to discover new and surprising possibilities.

The workshop evolves with what the group offers, as the ability to create and compose physically need

training and attention as well as technique or style. Through the group process the participants learn from

each other through acceptance and transformation, collaboration and observation of their own dance and of

the whole group.

Let’s dive into the work, get the engines started and let the imagination flow! Let’s dance!

Morning class

Flying Low - Technical class

This work focuses mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. The class consists in partnering work and

movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion.

Simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body

activate the relationship between the center and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently

maintaining a centered state. The focus on the skeletal structure helps to improve the dancers’ physical

perception and alertness.

The technique was developped by David Zambrano, with whom Horacio has been working for more than 19

years. They continue to develop it and to exchange on all levels of dance work.


The Mozambican dancer and choreographer Horacio Macuacua is the artistic director of the dance company which bears his

name. Horacio Macuacua develops projects that aim to go beyond established forms. Flexibility of mind

and availability to catch the moment translate movement instantly into compositions that are complex and

elaborated, displaying depth and playfulness, darkness and light. Each composition is a journey to reinvent

and transform within the parameters of meaning.

He has carried out his projects: COMUM, Canais, Orobroy, Stop! (1st Prize and Puma Creative Prize at Danse

l’Afrique Danse Festival 2010), Smile If You Can!, Fighting room, Convoy, Paradise is not in the sky! and Theka.

Horacio has collaborated with choreographers Cristina Moura, Thomas Hauert, George Khumalo, Wim

Vandekeybus/Última Vez ... and David Zambrano, considering him his maestro and mentor.

As a teacher he has given classes and workshops in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Cyprus, USA,

South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, etc....


Möte med koreograf

 Rosalind Crisp

vecka 45: 5 - 8 november

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

Week 45 2024, 5 - 8 november Tuesday - Thursday 11.30-16.00.  Friday 12.30-16.30, inkl.lunch.

Morning class: Tuesday - Thursday 10.00-11.15. Friday 11.00-12.15. ** note: The morning class is essential in order to take the workshop.

APPLY HERE! coming up.. Deadline: 2024 

Morning class

What is there, already?

Rosalind will share her processes for remembering the materiality of the body, with helpful ways to be with the flesh, weight, breath, edges, contents... 

How to stay interested? 

From the beginning, a raft of compositional tools will be drawn on - simple, playful ways to respond to this materiality such as: following one piece of flesh at a time, prolonging/inhibiting, accelerating/decelerating, thickening/weakening, etc.. and combinations of contrasting/complimentary tools.


Live composition for performance 

Where am I now?

The aim is to switch compositional awareness on, from the start, not later after one has 'warmed up'. If we want to compose now, then surely we need to start practicing composing now. We are already somewhere

Who's watching?

Performing is a practice that proffers its own feedback to the artist. How do we stoke the naked conviction required to dance in-full-view?

Rosalind's principles and practical tools offer concrete ways to navigate between felt sensation, compositional clarity and vivid imagination; to shift one's focus between making movement and following movement; and to draw power as a performer from the event of being watched. Her method strengthens solo performing practice and equips dancing artists to sustain and take pleasure in an independent, embodied inquiry. 


Rosalind Crisp is an Australian dancer-choreographer and Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. 

She founded Omeo Dance studio, Sydney in 1996, was Associate Artist at Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson 2004-2013, and co-founded Orbost Studio for Dance Research in 2021. Her solo and group works have been presented in 100's of festivals throughout Europe, Australia and Asia, including, Zodiak Helsinki, Zurich theatre Spektakel, Taichung Cultural Centre, Sydney Opera House.. and she has taught thousands of dancers (DOCH, Dans Centrums Sweden, HZT Berlin, Trinity Laban, The Place London, VCA Uni Melbourne, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company...)


Rosalind Crisp has formed, reformed, accumulated and questioned her dancing knowledge over 40-years of studio research and live performance work. She has developed a method to undo those habits left by training and those that continually re-emerge from repetitive practices. The foundational terrain of her work is her aesthetic and technical preference for a 'released' body and her plethora of standard, bent and invented compositional tools. 

Photo credit: Edita Sentić

Jazz  Body Of People / BOP 

Dollie Henry MBE & Paul Jenkins 

vecka 22: 27-30 maj

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

APPLY HERE! Deadline/Sista ansökningsdag:  20240526

Week 22 

27 May - 30 May

Workshop Monday 14.00-16.00 Tuesday-Thursday 11.45 - 16.30 incl.lunch. 

Note: On Monday the workshop begin with jazz seminar at 14-16.

Morning class Monday 11.15-12.45. Tuesday-Thursday 10.00-11.30. 

Monday 14.00 The workshop will begin with a Jazz Seminar presented by  Artistic Directors Choreographer/Director Dollie Henry MBE and Composer/Musical Director Paul Jenkins.

In this seminar we will make a deeper dive into the Exploration of the lineage and history of Jazz, the art form and expression, Jazz music anthology and appreciation in dance, improvisation. 

"This refreshing and exciting Jazz Dance Theatre Arts Workshop provides all participants the opportunity to delve deeper into the artistic and creative practices of the Jazz dance theatre art form.

Work closely and intensively with BOP Founders and Artistic Directors Choreographer/Director Dollie Henry and Composer/Musical Director Paul Jenkins.

The Daily Schedule includes - Full BOP Jazz technical warm-up, floor exercises, across the floor and choreographies of different characters and all in the line within the roots of jazz, where you are inspired to develop the expression adding flavour to the dance. 

In the workshop we will work with pieces from selected BOP repertoire and creating of jazz dance narratives, inviting also an improvisational creative mindset. 

The BOP Jazz workshop is aimed to inspire, yet challenge. “Come As You Are” is the BOP Mantra, allowing everyone to develop and achieve their own potential as jazz dance performers. 

The BOP Jazz Mission is to share and pass on the artistic and creative aesthetic of the jazz dance art form, bringing a realistic and relevant appreciation and exploration of creative Jazz dance theatre, techniques, skills and individual expression that are at the heart of the Jazz dance genre. 

All this and more within the highly energised and nurturing environment, that is BOP Jazz Theatre Company. 

Every day is a full day of BOP Jazz learning, sharing and being part of a community - You are in for a TREAT Dancers!! "


Body of People Jazz Theatre Company aka BOP is a truly unique UK based Jazz Dance, Music and Theatre Company. Founded in 1996 by Jazz Artist and Choreographer - Dollie Henry and Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, Music Producer - Paul Jenkins

BOP Company through the guidance of Dollie and Paul, continue to develop and produce works in collaboration with other established artistic and commercial organisations both here in the UK and internationally. Through the many strands of BOP, the company bring their feisty energy, creative flair and business sensibility to lead a diverse company that encompasses all aspects of dance, music and theatre making and media presentations.

BOP have produced, created and staged an array of theatrical jazz including - Touches of Miles, Trumpet Trilogy, A Journey of Jazz, Dizzy Heights, Duke’s Place, Echoes of Ellington, Footprints in Jazz and most recently Miles Ahead and Up Close & Personal.  

The company has performed at The South Bank Centre, The Place, Bloomsbury Theatre, Emma Cons Hall, The Cochrane Theatre, Blackpool’s Opera House, The Point Theatre, Litchfield Theatre, Tyne Theatre-Newcastle, Pavilion Theatre-Exmouth, Wilde Theatre - South Hill Park Arts Centre- Berkshire, Croydon Fairfield Halls, Sadler’s Wells and Lillian Baylis Theatre & Cadogan Hall

More recently performances at Battersea Arts and Richmix Theatre in London and the Curve Theatre, Leicester with their BOP Theatre productions – Through The Eyes of Woman and The Spirit of Jazz .

Internationally the company works have been commissioned and performed in Austria, China, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, The Caribbean and USA. Dollie and Paul also produce and devise commercial productions that include, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Concert Dance, Film and Video productions.

BOP as a artistic company, is dedicated to the ongoing legacy, artistic development and creative practices of the Jazz Theatre Art Form. Realised through exciting and innovative Jazz theatre performances, educational, mentoring programs and professional development for the UK Jazz Dance, Music and Theatre Community. 

Together, Dollie and Paul are pushing through to provide an essential platform that facilitates the true practice and realisation of the Jazz expression and artistic delivery within a diverse and inclusive Jazz company. BOP are the catalysts for driving the UK Jazz theatre narrative forward into the 21st century. 

The vision and mission of BOP is to Enlighten, Educate and Entertain through the pure essence and expression of the Jazz Art Form.

For further information about BOP follow and connect.

BOP website: www.bop.org.uk

Email: bopjazzuk@gmail.com

BOP Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BOPJAZZTHEATRECOMPANYUK

FB/IG/Twitter: @bopjazzuk |Dollie @dolliehenry

Linkedin: @BOP Jazz Theatre Company

Jazz Theatre Arts UK (Our Member Led Network in Partnership with One Dance UK for UK Jazz Arts & Artists)

www.jazztheatreartsuk.org  | FB/IG: @jazztheatreartsuk

From Feldenkrais towards Dance  Antoinette Helbing 

vecka 17: 23-25 april 

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

The link for signing up through Dansalliansen will come up shortly.

Vecka 17 23, 24, 25/4 Tisdag, onsdag & torsdag 11.15-16.15

Morning class 9.30-11.00 

APPLY HERE! Deadline: 2024 04 10

From Feldenkrais towards Dance

Choreographer, performer, educator and Feldenkrais practitioner Antoinette Helbing shares her approach towards using the Feldenkrais method as point of departure for movement practice. Creating situations where the concrete meets the poetic - where the spheres of sensation and imagination meet, collide and intertwine.

Each session will start with a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson. 

ATM lessons are one of the two teaching formats of the somatic learning method Feldenkrais - which practices embodied self-reflection through movement. The method has a non-goal approach - inviting for playfulness and curiosity. No specific result is expected to be reached by the end of the lesson - the one and only purpose is developing a more nuanced awareness of the execution of basic movements - which is surprisingly complex. 

The participants explore basic movement patterns in unfamiliar configurations - observing and unravelling patterns of movement, thought, emotion and action. Seeking pleasure and giving time. The participants are encouraged to acknowledge and welcome their current level of ability, to let go of unnecessary effort and to practise care and softness towards themselves.

Subsequently, the sessions glides into a guided movement meditation - using the sharpened awareness gained from the ATM to allow new sensations, unfamiliar pathways and unexpected qualities to evolve. Those guided movement meditations take point of departure in imaginative and speculative bodily situations, in text, in anatomical discoverings, etc. Exploring different ways of unifying the sensorial input of the own body in movement with the external ideas and concepts. Letting those two sources of information - the subjective experience and the choreographic notion - collide, intertwine and co-exist. 

Central to the session is the wish to foster playfulness, joyfulness, imagination, fantasy, curiosity, ease and freedom. Embracing confusion, collision of ideas, meeting the place of not knowing and the uncanny – A practice of decomposing patterns to unlock the potential of moving beyond preconceived ideas that increases the ability to think outside of the box, to enter the unknown and uncertain and ultimately can increase the freedom of movement.

Moving Through 

Anton Valdbauer 

vecka 9: 27-29 februari

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

Week 9 2024, 27, 28, 29 February Tuesday - Thursday 11.15-16.15 inkl.lunch

Morning class 9.30-11.00 

APPLY HERE! Deadline: 2024 02 15


"During these three days workshop participants will be able to explore various contemporary dance techniques inspired by working principles and improvisational techniques developed by Crystal Pite, Ohad Naharin and Jiri Kylian and others.

Participants are encouraged to explore their own movement and experiment with their body language in different and unique ways. We will focus on working with leading points and tension levels and putting a strong emphasis on a pure physical approach to movement.

We will explore the creation of various dance phrases and see how we can "perform" them with different intentions and qualities.


Part of the work will be dedicated to playing a variety of physical and intellectual games that allows participants to approach movement from the perspective of their "inner child"."


Anton Valdbauer, is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Born in a small city in northern Russia, his prolific career has taken him all over the world. 

High points include dancing with the NDT, Cullberg Ballet, and the Royal Swedish Ballet.  Anton has had the privilege to dance and co-create with names such as Jiri Kylian, Ohad Naharin, Mats Ek, Crystal Pite, Johan Inger, Marco Goecke, Sharon Eyal, Alexander Ekman, Wim Vandekeybus, and Sasha Waltz.

As a choreographer, Anton Valdbauer has created more than 20 works. In 2005, his piece “6 Seconds” won a Diploma at the 10th International Ballet Competition in Moscow. With  “Lemniscate” he won Best Performance at the Burgos-New York Contemporary Dance Competition.

He was awarded a Fellowship during the first edition of the Pina Bausch Fellowship Program in 2016 and spend 6 month collaborating with Mask Theatre Company Family Flöz in Berlin.

In 2019, his first short film “33 Questions” was chosen for the official programming of the Stockholm Dance Film Festival. His choreography was presented in Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.

In 2020 Anton founded Deep Dive Dance as an extension of his career. A platform for support, expansion and development of contemporary Dance and Moving forms of Art.

In 2022 Anton premier two new big choreography works: “Adrift” for the University of Arts in Frankfurt

and “Tit-for-Tat” in Madrid for EBB.

Contemporary/Movement Mosaic 

Federica Esposito

vecka 20: 16 maj

Contemporary / Movement mosaic

Vecka 20 Torsdag 16 maj kl. 14.00-17.00

To ensure a spot email: maria@danscentrumsyd.se

"Oppositions, gravity, connections, fluidity and density, impulses and instincts, muscle release work, infinite spirals (with a particular focus on the movement of the spine) will flow through the body during a class based on the techniques of Release, Floorwork, Partnering, Improvisation. 

The class combines articulation and disarticulation, both through the study of technical sequences or through moments of guided improvisation combined with partnering work. 

Partnering and contact improvisation work allows you to gain confidence with others, to respect their spaces, welcome, use dynamics that arise spontaneously in order to then be able to observe their evolution."


Freelance Dance Artist, she trained professionally at Modem Studio Atelier (Compagnia Zappala' Danza) and Startanz (Artistic director Giusi Santagati), in Catania (Italy), her hometwon.

Since the age of 19  she has been working as a professional dancer/performer for a number of international dance companies and projects (Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, etc) amongst which Compagnia Zappala' Danza, Giusi Santagati, Scottish Opera, Gwyn Emberton Dance, Underhand Dance, Altered Skin Dance, Legitimate Bodies Dance Company, Animated State Dance Theatre Company, Teatro Stabile di L'Aquila, Teatro Regio di Torino, Cie Ariella Vidach - AiEP, etc. She also worked on projects for many international realities such as Henry Oguike, The Glasgow School of Arts, DanceBase Edinburgh, Scottish Dance Theatre, amongst the others.

She currently works as a freelance teacher and choreographer at professional dance companies, theatres, professional training programmes, academies and dance universities across Europe (De Stilte - Holland, Theater Gorlitz - Germany, Balletto di Roma- Italy, TripSpace London -UK,  Milano Contemporary Ballet, ADT Verona, Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Iwanson International Dance School, Ast Bytom, Pigato Contemporary, Ormars Lab, ArteDanza Novara, Perfezionamento TAM, Conservatorio de Alicante, Modem Studio Atelier, Human Bodies, Padova Danza Project, Jove Companya de Dansa Gerard Collins, etc) .

She has been creating a couple of choreographic works since 2014, initially co-founding Fuora Dance Project (Scotland, UK), and, since 2018, as an independent dance artist. The works have been performed in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy, being also finalist of prizes such as "Light on Dance" (Balletto di Roma, 2019), Premio Theodor Rawyler 2020 and 2021, Mas Danza 2022, Linkage 2023, etc.

In 2019, she received a special mention within the European open call "Light on Dance" , run by Balletto di Roma, for the quality of the training for professional dancers, becoming one of the teachers of "Clash!2019", European project. She owns a BA in Foreign Languages and Cultures.

Queer Movements and Ephemeral Memorials 

Alex Blum

       vecka 20: 17 maj

Workshop by Alex Blum

Queer Movements and Ephemeral Memorials

Fredag den 17 maj  11.15-16.30

Platser kvar!

Maila ditt intresse att vara med tillsammans med ditt CV eller kort (30 sec) filminspelad motivering


"Guided by trans* dancer and choreographer alex blum, we invite you to join a workshop for the speculative exploration of queer movements and ephemeral memorials. We will be working with the archives of Nordic queer liberation, for instance the history of the Danish Gay Liberation Front and their activism against the so-called ‘Dance Ban’, which for decades forbade same-sex couples from dancing together in the public sphere. 

Through touch-based body work, improvisation, collective mind-mapping and critical fabulation, we’ll embody a research of the queer potentials and politics of the dancing body. Everybody is welcome, but this is a space meant to celebrate lived experiences of queerness and transness, so show up with an intention to amplify queer joy."

Workshop i att leda Allt hänger samman-metoden

vecka 20: 14 maj


Datum: Tisdagen den 14 maj

Tid: 12.30 -16.30

Plats: Danscentrum Syd, stora studion, Bergsgatan 29 Malmö

Anmälan: Senast den 12 maj till Ulrika Blåeld Wedin info@ulrikawedin.com

Workshopen är kostnadsfri!

Om ni har några frågor eller funderingar tveka inte att höra av er till Ulrika!

Varmt välkomna till en kostnadsfri inspirationsworkshop

för dansare och övriga intresserade i att leda

Allt hänger samman metoden!

Metoden Allt hänger samman är ett kreativt sätt att lära sig om arkitektur som

främjar ett kroppsbaserat lärande med reflektion och rörelse i fokus. 

Metoden är utformad för elever i mellan- och högstadiet och erbjuds även som skapande skola projekt 

som vänder sig till grundskolan, konstmuseer, konsthallar och liknande.

Projektet Allt hänger samman handlar om att förstå och uppleva

världen vi lever i - via arkitektur, dans och koreografi.

Allt hänger sammans första inspirationsworkshop

Vi ser fram emot att göra den första inspirationsworkshopen i att leda Allt hänger

samman metoden. Under workshopen kommer vi att prova på och testa olika

arbetssätt och övningar som metoden grundar sig på. Du kommer att få vägled-

ning för att förstå metodens helhetstänk utifrån tesen att allt hänger samman,

samt gott om tid för samtal och reflektion. När workshopen är över hoppas vi att

du känner dig inspirerad och trygg i att leda Allt hänger samman metoden på ditt

sätt, utifrån metodens upplägg och din yrkesskicklighet!

Var med i uppstarten för att sprida och arbeta med metoden

Projektet Allt hänger samman har sedan 2022 utvecklat metoderna för grundsko-

lan. Det finns nu ett antal byggstenar som metoden utgår ifrån och som tydliggör

temat och tesen om att allt hänger samman. Nu startar vi utformningen för att

sprida metoden nationellt vilket öppnar upp möjligheter för dansare, arkitekter och

konstnärer från olika discipliner i hela landet att delta.

Ett led i detta arbete är att bjuda in till inspirationsworkshops samt möjligheten att

ingå i ett nätverk för de som är intresserade av att i framtiden leda metoden.

Om metoden

Allt hänger samman utvecklar ett ämnesövergripande metodmaterial för hur

grundskoleelever kan lära sig om arkitektur genom att utforska sin egen

skolbyggnad. Samtidigt lär de sig att reflektera över hur världen, samhället och

den egna kroppen hänger ihop med den byggda världen.

Syftet med metoden är att introducera arkitektur på ett kreativt sätt, samt att

skapa nyfikenhet hos eleverna, både på sin egen närmiljö och vår gemensamma

gestaltade livsmiljö. Metoden syftar också till att öka förmågan att tänka i större

perspektiv och förstå komplexa sammanhang. I centrum står ett kroppsbaserat

lärande, med fokus på rörelse. Metoden är tillgänglig på vår webbsida för lärare

över hela landet.

Workshopen leds av dansare och koreograf Ulrika Blåeld Wedin,

eventuellt tillsammans med ytterligare en kollega från Allt hänger samman.

Allt hänger samman teamet:

Projektledare: Kerstin Gustafsson Ehk

Konstnärlig ledare och pedagog: Malin Rosén

Arkitekt och bildlärare: Carl-Johan Rosén

Dansare och koreograf: Ulrika Blåeld Wedin

Arkitekt inom neurovetenskap: Lukasz Krupinski

Visuell kommunikation, process, bildkonstnär: Camilla Eltell


/ Allt hänger samman


Medvetandegöra att världen hänger ihop och få syn på

våra förmågor i det stora samarbetet.

WS AHS DC syd.pdf

Embodied Awareness 

Helena Franzén 

vecka 12: 19-21 mars

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

Week 13 2024, 19, 20, 21  March Tuesday - Thursday 11.15-16.15 inkl.lunch

Morning class 9.30-11.00 

APPLY HERE! Deadline: 2024 03 03


Hur kan vi omfamna och lära känna våra sinneskroppar? En workshop med koreografen Helena Franzén

I workshopen fokuserar vi på olika metoder hur man identifierar nya lager av förståelse - hur en rörelse förkroppsligas hos en dansare… 

Med vägledning av både improviserat och koreograferat rörelsematerial upptäcker vi den fantasifulla, rumsliga och energifyllda kroppen.

I denna praktik omfamnar vi detaljer i rörelse kvaliteter, hur man spårar den sensoriska intelligens som kroppen som helhet tillhandahåller.

Workshopen inbjuder till nyfikenhet och glädje att dela dansandet tillsammans!

En workshop i samarbete med Danscentrum Syd.


How can we embrace and get to know our sensory bodies? A workshop with the choreographer Helena Franzén.

In the workshop we are focusing on different methods how to identify new layers of understanding-how to embody a movement within a dancer

With a guidance of both improvised and set movement material, we discover the imaginative, spacious and energy- filled body 

In the practice we embrace details in qualities, how to trace the sensory intelligence provided by the body as a whole.

The workshop invites to bring  curiosity and delight in the sharing of dancing  together!


Helena Franzén är koreograf och dansare med närmare 35 års verksamhet. Hon utbildades på Balettakademien i Stockholm och tog examen 1989 och på Stockholms konstnärliga skola, SKH i koreografprogrammet 1998. 

Helena har skapat över 90 sceniska verk som turnerat nationellt och internationellt både i egen regi och som uppdrag för institutioner som: Skånes Dansteater, Göteborgsoperans danskompani, Norrdans, Regionteater Väst, The Edge, Nytt Dansk Dansteater med flera. 

Helena Franzén är en eftertraktad lärare och mentor och hon undervisar regelbundet på många olika dansutbildningar och för kompanier runtom i världen.

De senaste 10 åren har Helena skapat dansfilm tillsammans med filmaren Håkan Jelk. Flertalet av deras filmer har presenterats på internationella dansfilmfestivaler.

Senast är Helena Franzén aktuell med ett nytt verk för Skånes Dansteater, Once a Whisper som turnerar i Sverige under hösten 2022.




Contemporary/Motion Qualia

Satoshi Kudo

vecka 16: 16 & 18 april

Contemporary/Motion Qualia

Vecka 16 16 + 18/4 Tisdag & torsdag 12.00-15.00

To ensure a spot email: maria@danscentrumsyd.se

"The aim is to encourage participants to rediscover their sense of off-balance, and thereby expand their range of movement. By playing with balance primarily in partnering, participants acquire the ability to respond sensitively by delicate movements. Movements created using this method have the potential to evoke emotions not only in the viewer, but also in the person making the move."


Satoshi Kudo is a choreographer and dancer, based in Stockholm. He has danced for Ohad Naharin, Danish Dance Theatre, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and various artists. He also worked as a rehearsal director for numbers of works of Cherkaoui, Royal Swedish Ballet including the works of Mats Ek, Johan Ingar, Alexander Ekman and Sharon Eyal. Kudo has been working as a choreographer since 2002 and creating work for worldwide. 

Photo by Takeshi Matsumoto

Möte med somatisk praktik

Tuva Hildebrand 

vecka 3: 15-19 januari

Denna workshop är ett samarbete mellan Danscentrum Syd och Dansalliansen.

This is a collaboration between Dansalliansen and Danscentrum Syd. 

Week 3 2024, 15-19 January Monday-Friday 11.00-15.45 inkl.lunch

Morning class "Releasing" 9.00-10.30 Note: The morning class is not obligatory for the workshops participants.

APPLY HERE! Deadline: 11 January 2024


We take time to slow down to sense the materiality of your body. We practice deep listening and dive into your inverted ocean and bony landscapes to allow your tissues to soften and re-pattern in order to activate unknown and new movement pathways. Through fine-tuning our perceptions we discover new spaces and sensations. In slowing down to sense the precise detail, intelligence and archive of your tissues, organs, bones and fluids there is endless potential for movement and expression. The discoveries in the subtleties we integrate with outer sensory perception, relating to both the more-than-human and other moving bodies in space. As space opens we allow the dance to unfold and bring in speed, largeness, your own dance archive and perhaps strangeness and the unexpected.

We will each day go into a different structure within the body (such as lungs/ribs, pelvis, spine, skull and limbs) through touch and hands-on partnering, imagery, verbal poetic guidance, experiential anatomy and improvisation. There will be time for writing and reflection.

Underlying ideas within the methods offered is letting go of judgment, being in a state of non-doing/non-endgaining, omni-directionality, learning through self-discovery, being in the unknown and both embodying your subjectivity as well as letting go of it. We practice paradoxes, such as autonomy and bodily agency, collectivity and co-existence.

The practice offered is influenced mainly by Tuva Hildebrands mentor-apprentice relationship with Eva Karczag (original dancer for Trisha Brown, Alexander Technique teacher, Body-Mind Centering, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Improvisation), but also her background in Skinner Releasing Technique/Open Source Forms, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique and working with teachers, improvisers and dancers such as Stephanie Skura, K.J. Holmes and many more within the post-Judson scene in New York.

"Are you listening or waiting to move? As a researcher within improvisational forms and methods from different somatic practices I am curious about the non-violent practice of relating through listening and moving. I am interested in the idea of ecosomatics; to extend our awareness beyond the ecosystem of our own body to the larger ecosystem in which we are connected to as just a tiny particle. We are touching and being touched, forming and being formed, moving the world and being moved by the world all the time. I am interested in the power of language and states beyond it; in the experiences we carry that are too large to fit into a normative narrative; to move in the glitch, in a state of ”strangeness”, in that which cannot be comprehended. Then we return to language again with a new perception of its content. I ask the question ”what if I can re-write myself into the world through sensing and moving?”. Also, biology is political. So is how we move.” - Tuva Hildebrand


Tuva Hildebrand is a dance maker and somatic movement practitioner with a background (since 2009) in Skinner Releasing Technique / Open Source Forms, Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering and improvisational forms. Since 2017 she has been in mentor-apprenticeship with releasing pioneer Eva Karczag, archiving and learning her pedagogical and artistic practice. 

Tuva Hildebrand worked and lived in New York from 2011-2018 for the organisation Movement Research and choreographers such as Heather Kravas, Julie Mayo and Stacy Grossfield. She is one of the initiators of the organisation Plattform för Improvisation & Somatik. 

Her latest piece ”Sensuous Repair: An Eco-somatic Investigation” premiered in September 2023 at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg, and it’s prequel ”Dear Earthling” premiered at Inkonst in 2022. In 2018-2020 Hildebrand did an MFA research in the methods of Karczag, Skinner Releasing Technique / Open Source Forms and her own artistic practice from a queer-feminist perspective, specifically within ideas of non-violence and gender performativity.