Det finns ett maximalt antal individer som får vara i varje sal , i och med restriktionerna. Antal står på var studiodörr.

Bokning av daglig träning är nödvändigt. Länk publiceras här veckan innan klass.

Glöm inte att avboka om du inte kan komma.

Daglig träning startar igen den 16 augusti efter sommaruppehållet!



In addition to daily training: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09.30 -10.30 we offer an open studio for members that do not want to take the daily training. The small or middle studio will be reserved for this time.

English: Link to online training for members is found in the members letter.


Extra satsning på ett träningsbibliotek!

Denna information är riktad till dig som är anställd i Dansalliansen eller är medlem i en Danscentrumorganisation.

Dansalliansen och Danscentrum Sverige har i samtal med medlemmar och anställda fångat upp ett behov utav komplettering av nuvarande träningsmöjligheter för frilansande dansare. Vi vill därför under våren prova om ett digitalt träningsbibliotek är ett användbart verktyg för professionella danskonstnärer i deras dagliga praktik.

Länk till träningsbiblioteket har skickats ut i medlemsbrev.


Laura Cheesman

"I give a well structured ballet class with a high focus on strength and musicality. My class is aimed to suite professional dancers from different genres."


Laura Cheesman received her dance training in New York at Eglevesy Sclool of Ballet and The School of American Ballet. She danced professionally with American Ballet Theater, Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Universal Ballet, Malmö Baletten and Skånes Dansteater.

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Paul Pui Wo Lee

Vecka 33 Sommarträning i samarbete med Dansalliansen. Ingen föranmälan krävs till DA.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) class 10.00-11.30.

Ballet, or just shifting through classical form... 11.45-13.15.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) class

What's more possible for you beyond your habitual? Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons guide you to play with some unusual movements to see if there are strategies of moving that are easier, more effective, more wholesome, and more pleasurable. See how by refining the ability of your nervous system to manoeuvre your skeleton, you're refining the very process of taking efficient action. More understanding and increasing your neuromuscular possibilities can be helpful for injury prevention, performance enhancement, and artistic vitality. Would you have more sensation to think with, more thoughts to feel with, more feelings to sense with, or perhaps your internal language takes on another dynamic?

A good shot of awareness before the following contemporary ballet class…

Ballet, or just shifting through classical form...

I would like to open up the ballet class as a free space to play with options to enrich your artistic voice/expression and enhance your technical ease. Ballet class, for me, is an improvisation within the parameters that define its style. I hope to look beyond its supposed rigidity (be a rebel!) to find immense room for your personal flow and fluidity to emerge. How can we become better at recognising the choices available to us within the structure to allow our inner artist to forge our individual enjoyment of expression? What's right and what's wrong? What's perfection? This questioning could lead to something exciting. Steps in ballet are a means and not an end, right? Ballet can be more than just turning out, and instead, be a dance that is weaved from the quality of your personal choices - your artistry.


Paul Pui Wo Lee is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) practitioner and therapist, who currently serves as the rehearsal director and choreographic assistant at Of Curious Nature, a contemporary dance company. He graduated from Canada’s National Ballet School before training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. He has danced with IT Dansa and GöteborgsOperans Baletten before working as a freelancer.

Paul is passionate about helping artists gain a sharper, embodied understanding about their personal movement possibilities to enrich the breadth of their technical and artistic palette. In this way they may expand their security and freedom of their performance from cultivating a healthier and more sustainable practice.

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Gwyn Emberton

Vecka 9 Contemporary kl.9.30-11.00

Gwyn’s contemporary classes are a blended mix of improvisation and led sequencing. The focus of each class will be to reach full bodied, dynamic movement using the body’s own weighted impulses and initiations to create flow and depth as we move. Dancers can expect to think about technique and then letting it all go again to just move, exploring shifting weight, going in and out of the floor, and dancing to a killer soundtrack and sometimes the odd pop song that make it a joyful and fun class.


Gwyn Emberton is a dance artist from Wales, UK who recently moved to Malmö, Sweden. He has been working as a performer, choreographer, teacher and dramaturg for 20 years. He has taught for companies such as National Dance Company of Wales, Russell Maliphant Company, Scottish Dance Theatre and Inbal Pinto in Israel, and at many international schools, for example The Place (London Contemporary Dance School), Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv, Hong Kong Contemporary Dance Centre, and Balettakademier in Gothenburg and Stockholm as part of the collaborations with Swedish company ilDance.

In 2013, Gwyn created his own company which has since toured his mid-scale dance-theatre works across the UK. Through his choreography, he explores how to make socially and culturally conscious work that draws from the mixed heritage, culture and languages of his home country. His solo work has toured as part of the European dance network Dance Roads and he has choreographed for many cross disciplinary projects in Wales. Since 2014, Gwyn has also been an artist, dramaturg and producer for iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective).

Gwyn continues to perform with the collaborative dance collective Light, Ladd and Emberton, creating and co-directing sited and site-responsive work that has a strong participatory edge. Gwyn has danced with choreographers/companies such as Akram Khan, Matthew Bourne, and Scottish Dance Theatre in the UK, and with Inbal Pinto in Tel Aviv, Israel, and worked with Russell Maliphant and a range of early-years choreographers as a rehearsal director and dramaturg.

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Pietro La Loggia

Vecka 2 Gyrokinesis & Contemporary movement kl. 10.00-11.30

The class is structured in two main parts:

Gyrokinesis inspired warm up start in simple exercise on the chair to warm up the joints, the spine in relation to the center of the body. Find connection with your core and the extremity, to move in coordination and fluidity in relation with breathing patterns.

Class continue by Contemporary approach, combine: release technique, strengthen exercise, balance and some gyrokinesis

movement. We finish with diagonal, jumping and combination movement.


Pietro La Loggia worked as a professional modern dancer in different dance company:

Concept dance (Fra); Euregio Dance (ND); Norrdance (S) Skånes Dans Teater (S).

Worked in different dance production as freelance dancer In Germany, Sweden, Danmark, Norway, France...

Became certified instructor on Gyrotonic, Gyrotonic for dancer and Gyrokinesis exercise method.

Maria Naidu

"The SAFE® FLOOR spine workout has breathtaking immediate impacts; more freedom in the joints, more muscle flexibility, movements are anti-inflammatory, they do wonders against stress. This Award-Winning neuromuscular technique was developed by Alex Munz, former Principal ballet dancer, in collaboration with scientists"


Läs mera här: Maria Naidu

Jacob Walleberg

Vecka 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 16 Jazz kl. 11.15-12.45

"På mina klasser bygger vi teknik och styrka under uppvärmningen och fokus ligger på funktionalitet.

Jag försöker mer och mer inkorporera mitt PT-tänk i klassupplägget vad gäller övningarnas syfte.

När vi väl kommer till koreografier är fokus på musikalitet, dynamik och dansglädje!"


Jacob Walleberg är utbildad dansare på Balettakademiens dansarutbildning i Stockholm samt utbildad PT genom Safe-academy. Jacob har jobbat mest som musikalartist men också bl.a. som showartist på Wallmans i Köpenhamn och två år som modern/jazzdansare i kompaniet Oslo Danse Ensemble.

Han har jobbat på Oscarsteatern, Uppsala Stadsteater, GöteborgsOperan och Malmö Opera i musikalerna La Cage aux Folles, Top Hat, Billy Elliot och Spelman på taket.

Helena Franzén

Vecka 3 Modern kl.11.15-12.45

"Helena Franzéns klass är release baserad där medvetenheten om kroppens möjlighet till rörelse står i fokus. Golvövningar och inspiration av yoga är metoder i arbetet med att finna centrering, flexibilitet och styrka. Under klassen ges tid att uppmärksamma olika rörelsekvaliteter, där precision och den egna närvaron är betydelsefull.

Uppvärmningen är en förberedelse för ett längre frasmaterial där dynamik, rumsuppfattning och musikalitet exponeras och tydliggörs. Rumsliga ytterligheter och fysiska risktaganden uppmuntras."


Helena Franzén har över 25 års erfarenhet av undervisning. Hon undervisar regelbundet professionella klasser på Danscentrum Stockholm och danskompanier som Norrdans, Skånes Dansteater och Göteborgs operans danskompani. Helena är också regelbundet gästlärare på Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan och Balettakademien i Stockholm där hon ger klasser i repertoar, komposition och improvisation."

I Helena Franzéns arbete sätts den dansande, musikaliska kroppen i fokus. Fysiska funktioner, anatomiska strukturer och dynamiska förlopp är återkommande teman i hennes koreografiska arbete. Hennes verk beskrivs med ord som fysisk intelligens och rörelse poesi med nerv och närvaro- beskrivningar som tydliggör hennes plats i det svenska danslandskapet.

Efter utbildningen på Balettakademien i Stockholm 1986-89 och koreograf utbildningen på Danshögskolan 1996- 98, har Helena Franzen varit verksam som koreograf och dansare i 30 år och koreograferat över 80 verk och har turnerat i Skandinavien, USA, Sydamerika och i Baltikum.

Hon är en eftertraktad lärare och undervisar teknikklasser och repertoar för kompanier i Europa och Skandinavien.

Helena Franzén är hängiven sitt detaljerade rörelsespråk som är laddat med intrikata flöden, gränslösa variationer, explosivitet och poetisk närvaro. Tre kriterier är kännetecknande för hennes arbetssätt.: de rumsliga förutsättningarnas påverkan på koreografin, den täta dialogen med musiken som oftast är specialskriven samt de tekniskt drivna dansarna som är medskapare i arbetsprocessen.

2007 tilldelades Helena Franzén ett tioårigt konstnärsstipendium av Konstnärsnämnden. 2011 fick hon Stockholms stads kulturstipendium.

Helena Franzén tilldelades Svenska Teaterkritikers Förenings Danspris 2011. Med motiveringen: ”Under mer än två decennier har Helena Franzén utforskat och koncentrerat sitt koreografiska uttryck. Envetet och med rörelsen i centrum har hon finputsat och renodlat sitt språk tillsammans med dansarna.”

Philippe Blanchard

Vecka 20 Contemporary kl. 9.30-11.00 Workshop i samarbete med Dansalliansen 11.15-16.00! Se mera info under workshops.

"A slow and gentle start for the body after it has been at rest overnight. Sensorial and introspective in its’ approach to thoroughly awakening body, mind and creativity.

Focus and time will be dedicated to discovering and moving through a connection to our skeletal structure, and in turn, to our different bodily systems. As participants, you will be guided continuously throughout your exploration."


Philippe Blanchard has created both independent and commissioned performances at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance and the European dance companies for nearly twenty years. His works developing into installation-like studies with skilled performers and untrained performers.

Suggesting rather than telling, Blanchard’s finely layered pieces address the creative potential of each viewer by making room for interpretation, uncertainty and wonder while consistently providing subtle details to rely on. An adventurous artist daring to explore unknown subjects and methods, he develops his expression in a continual process of investigation where every project is bound to its own rules while moving consciously forward from the previous one.

After creating works such as “Airbag”, “Noodles”, “Quiproquo”, “One’s company, “How about you?” which toured in more then 14 countries, Philippe decided to relocated himself in U.K where he created two works ” This is that” and ” There are no such thing such as silly things”.

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Jens Schyt Brondom

INSTÄLLD!/ Vecka 5 Contemporary Movement kl. 11.15-12.45

"Through a very physical morning practice DeLeónCompany offers a space for each body to warm up through a guided improvisation method and thereby listen to their bodies.

Through shifting of weight, traveling across space and moving into the floor we facilitate how to recognize the body’s weight and using it as a motor to generate momentum. The body’s physical limitations are potentially erased.

Imagination plays a huge part in the work, and by introducing colourful universes the mind is offered the ability to accept such states as failure, play and being lost.

The practice aims to develop a sense of internal awareness which can bring each participant further in their own physical practices and daily life."


Educated from the Ballet Education, Longmont Dance Theater in Colorado with addition to receiving a BA in Dance & Choreography from the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Jens founded DeLeónCompany in 2013 and has choreographed and danced for the company since. As a dancer Jens has been a member of Sita Ostheimer Company since 2016, performing and touring pieces such as “Molimo” and “US” throughout Europe and Asia. In Denmark Jens has simultaneously worked with Uppercut Dance Theater, Anja Gaardbo, Østre Gasværk and The Royal Danish Opera etc.

Jens is an experienced teacher, and with inspiration from his time with Sita Ostheimer Company, has been able to share his experiences with numerous dance schools throughout Europe and Asia since 2014.

Theresa Gustavsson

V. 5, 6, 7, 8 Groove & Rhythm onsdagar kl.11.15-12.45

"With a strong interest in body mechanics, motor skills and rhythms I like to break down movements and challenge my body control. With the help of different styles, exercises and concepts focusing on "groove" - the relation between head, chest and hips, "rhythm" - in footwork and body poly-rhythmics, we will challenge our motor skills and body control to strive for a stronger movement freedom and understanding. Welcome!" - Theresa


Theresa is a versatile dancer who has worked in the street dance scene since 2005. Her main focus has been within the streetdance styles; Hiphop, House, Locking & Popping, however her versatility stretches beyond these. She has a strong interest in cultural dances and she has spent a lot of time on research travels learning different African and afro diasporan dances. In addition, she has been teaching at Stockholm University of the Arts, Ballet Academy Sthlm, Danscentrum and giving national and international workshops. Theresa is a active member of the streetdance community, traveling and participating in battles and events around the world, she also works hard for the Swedish scene and has been organizing over 40 events. Since 2019, she has been based in Malmö, you can find here drop-in classes on Mondays at DCS. Besides her classes she is currently working with the Non-profit organization and company AFIA, which will premier and tour with their first production called "YEBO YES!" with Dansnet Sweden March 2021.

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Yared Cederlund

V.9, 10, 11, 12 Freestyle Kl.11.15-12.45

"På mina klasser gräver vi djupare i vår freestyle, dvs vår egen dans och kontakt till den. Hur kan

vi förstärka den kontakten? Hur kan vi få mer kreativ frihet och flow när vi dansar? Vad är våra

begränsningar och hur använder vi dom? Detta är några ämnen vi kan använda oss av när vi

utforskar vår egen freestyle dans för att se vilka svar som kommer till oss."


Yared Tilahun Cederlund, född den 1 Januari 1989 i Stockholm Sverige, är en dansare som är

aktiv inom Streetdance-scenen och den fria scenkonsten.

Yared började sin dansresa som 9-åring och har sedan dess kunnat ses på olika scener runt om i

världen. Åren 2006 - 2011 var han aktiv inom Battle-scenen och syntes ofta på event som Streetstar

(Sverige) och Juste Debout (Frankrike). På senare år har Yared varit delaktig i en rad olika

dansföreställningar som exempelvis “DRONE” av Erik Linghede, “Mental State of Sweden med

Cullberg” av Mattias Andersson, “Tillvaron” av Viktor Fröjd och “Kontakt” av Lisa Janbell.

Rumiko Otsuka

Vecka 6 Contemporary kl.9.30-11.00

"My contemporary class is influenced by Cunningham and Limón techniques, also utilize release technique to find dynamics in the movement.

The class starts slowly with a simple series of exercises to warm up all the muscles and joints and aim to find articulations of the back as well as an organic way of moving.

Continue with floor exercises, which will strengthen core and right coordination of the body. Through the class I will guide to build up awareness of space and directions.

Class finishes with longer dance sequence to challenge dancers to find musicality, dynamics and individuality."


After Rumiko Otsuka graduated Arnhem Dans Academie in Holland 2001, she started her professional career as a dancer in Norrdans(SE).

She joined Skånes dans teater(SE) in 2005. She also worked different choreographers among, Recoil Dance Group/Tina Tarpgaard(DK), Zappala Danza(IT), Khamlane Halsackda(SE/UK), Somatic Noise(SE/DK), Camilla Stage(DK). She is a member of Nya Rörelsen and produces her own dance productions since 2013.

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Lidia Wos

Vecka 4+ 7 / Modern Balett kl.9.30-11.00

"Jag erbjuder en klassisk balettklass där det finns ett bra flöde i övningarna och där vi arbetar organiskt med hela kroppen. Jag fokuserar mycket på kvaliteten i varje enskild rörelse. Musikalitet, energi och rörelseglädje är betydelsefulla komponenter. En viktig aspekt med klassen är att vi ska bli uppvärmda och redo för resten av dagens övningar"


Lidia Woś är en frilansande dansare och koreograf med över 25 års erfarenhet från olika danskompanier och institutioner i bland annat Sverige, Polen, Tjeckien, Nederländerna och USA. Under sin karriär har hon mött ett mycket stort antal koreografer, dansare, pedagoger och klasslärare. Hon har arbetat med allt från klassisk balett och dramatisk teater till modern konceptuell dans och samtida dansteater. Baserat på sina erfarenheter har hon utvecklat en egen arbetsmetod och stil som bygger på ett organiskt rörelsespråk, lustfylld uppfinningsrikedom och respekt för sin omgivning. Detta är något som genomsyrar såväl hennes eget skapande som hennes undervisning.

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KROPPSKLUBBEN - Jilda Hallin och Lisa Nilsson

V 8. 22, 23 och 24/2 Dansträning med KROPPSKLUBBEN kl. 11.15-12.45

"KROPPSKLUBBEN vänder och vrider genom rörelse på kroppen för att uppleva den ur olika perspektiv.

Med pepp, omtanke, kärlek och humor tar vi oss an delar av kroppen som ofta betraktas som pinsamma, tabubelagda eller hamnat i skymundan.

Ett feministiskt perspektiv ligger till grund för vårt arbete."

Kom och väck kroppen, yoga, skaka och dansa loss med oss! Det finns chans till popmusik!

KROPPSKLUBBEN drivs av de konstnärliga ledarna Jilda Hallin och Lisa Nilsson sedan starten 2015.

Stina Strange Thue


Vecka 8 Contemporary Movement kl.11.15-12.45

"Through a very physical morning practice DeLeónCompany offers a space for each body to warm up through a guided improvisation method and thereby listen to their bodies.

Through shifting of weight, traveling across space and moving into the floor we facilitate how to recognise the body’s weight and using it as a motor to generate momentum. The body’s physical limitations are potentially erased.

Imagination plays a huge part in the work, and by introducing colourful universes the mind is offered the ability to accept such states as failure, play and being lost.

The practice aims to develop a sense of internal awareness which can bring each participant further in their own physical practices and daily life."


Educated from the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg and a postgraduate in dance facilitation from the National Danish School of Performing Arts.

In 2017 Stina became the Artistic Producer for DeLeónCompany.

With responsibility for production of all projects, Stina, simultaneously engages as a dancer and teacher for DeLeónCompany.

Stina is currently a movement teacher at Roskilde Festival Højskole and practicing yoga teacher. She has taught creative movement/dance through various public school programs and facilitated community projects through Dansehallerne, sART Dancetheater etc.

As a performer Stina has danced in pieces at Østre Gasværk and Bellevue Theater.

Magnus Lundgren

Vecka 9, 18, 21, 22 JAZZ kl.11.15-12.45

"Jag kör en ganska klassisk och basic grundläggande jazzuppvärmning som innehåller lite av det mesta och för hela kroppen. Lite uppmjukning, lite yoga, lite danselement, och teknik. Sen kör jag diagonaler med fokus på piruetter, grand battements och hopp. Sedan avslutar jag med koreografi. Gillar att kasta ut mycket material på en gång, lite som en auditionworkshop. I mitt koreografimaterial vill jag lägga fokus på de små detaljerna, stilförståelse, teknik och uttryck."


Magnus Lundgren är utbildad musikalartist vid Balettakademien i Göteborg och har medverkat i över 20 musikalproduktioner på Cirkus och Oscarsteatern i Stockholm, GöteborgsOperan, Malmö Opera, Nöjesteatern i Malmö och Det Kongelige Teater i Köpenhamn. Han har även verkat proffessionellt som koreograf och koreografassistent, och undervisar flitigt sedan åtta år tillbaka med uppdrag på bl.a. Balettakademien i Göteborg, Lunds Dans & Musikalgymnasium, Rydbergs Dance Academy och Dansstidion No1 i Malmö. Magnus undervisar i musikaljazz och hämtar influenser och inspiration av erfarenheter, nya som gamla, i yrket.

Kari Vig Petersen

Vecka 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 GAGA 11.15-12.30.

A collaboration between Danscentrum Syd, Dansalliansen, ilDance and Teateralliansen.

Gaga is the movement research that was developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, parallel to his work as a choreographer and the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga was originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement. Gaga classes are predicated on a deep listening to the body and to physical sensations.

Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening the body and adding flexibility, stamina, agility, and skills including coordination and efficiency while stimulating the senses and imagination. The classes offer a workout that investigates form, speed, and effort while traversing additional spectrums such as those between soft and thick textures, delicacy and explosive power, and understatement and exaggeration. Participants awaken numb areas, increase their awareness of habits, and improve their efficiency of movement inside multilayered tasks.

Gaga/dancers classes employ the specific vocabulary and skills that are part and parcel of a dancer’s knowledge. The layering of familiar skills with Gaga tasks presents dancers with fresh challenges, and throughout the class, teachers prompt the dancers to visit more unfamiliar places and ways of moving as well, unlocking the endlessness of possibilities. Dancers are guided to connect their effort to pleasure and to discover the virtue of silliness.

The movement research of Gaga is in a continual process of evolution, and the classes vary and develop accordingly.

Gaga/dancers classes are 75 mins long.


Kari is a dancer and dance teacher living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds her bachelor degree in dance from Iceland Academy of the Arts. Kari participated in the Gaga Teacher Training Program in Tel Aviv, where she trained under Bosmat Nossan, Saar Harari and Ohad Naharin. She became a certified Gaga teacher in 2019. She is currently teaching Gaga for both dancers and non-dancers in Copenhagen, Denmark and Norway.

Gaga photo credit: Ascaf

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Sophie Kjellshög

Vecka 10, 14, 15 Jazz kl. 11.15-12.45

Sophies klasser består av en enkel jazzuppvärmning med inslag av yoga som är lätt att följa med.

Tekniska moment övas på diagonalen.

Koreografin är lyrisk och emotionell ! Duscha i musiken” är hennes motto”.


Sophie Kjellshög är utbildad på Balettakademien i Stockholm.

Hon fick ett stipendium på Balettakademien som tog henne till London där hon jobbade i ett Jazzkompani.

Efter utbildningen var Sophie verksam som dansare i Sthlm med bl.a. Jonas Gardell och Robert Wells.

Sophie har jobbat som dansare på bl.a. Nöjesteatern och Wallmans Salonger samt som bakgrundsdansare till olika svenska artister och när hon fick jobb på Malmö Opera flyttade Sophie tillbaka hem till Malmö, därifrån till Köpenhamn där hon jobbade med bl.a. Joe Labero samt H.C Andersen 200 års jubileum i Parken.

De senaste 10 åren har Sophie främst undervisat i Jazz på olika skolor runtom i Skåne.

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Matilda Bjärum

Vecka 11 Contemporary kl. 9.30-11.00

" In the class that I offer we work fast pace with release based material and playfulness. The focus is to keep going with the body, to keep fit and challenge changing qualities and perception of space inside and outside of the body. A class that gives a daily introduction to a mix of created material, phrases and improvisation. Leaving the class I wish for the participator to have had the chance to wake up both body and mind, to be cheerful and empowered for the rest of the day.


As a dance artist Matilda Bjärum works with liquid and flowing moving techniques in combination with playful ways to look at improvisational tasks. Through choreographic processes and offering of workshops the main focus lies within finding a common ground for communication and expression that engender meetings, spontaneity and exploration. She gathers inspiration from living in the UK working with a variety of choreographers at Scottish Dance Theatre as a part of her Master at LCDS, in combination with the time she spent in Netherlands during her studies and experiences she had within the freelance scene. She is now currently based in Malmö, working on choreographic projects, teaching and establishing herself in Sweden again.

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Susanna Leinonen

Vecka 13 Modern movement practice 29, 30, 31/ 3 kl.9.30-11.00

Workshop i samarbete med Dansalliansen kl.11.15-16.00.

"Susanna Leinonen Company’s dancer Camilla Keihäs will be teaching alongside Leinonen herself. Camilla teaches a variety of styles of movement that utilize a solid ballet foundation. The class includes a range of structured formatted movement, floorwork and dynamic centered around making strong movement choices. The dancers will work on expanding their range of movement, focusing on power, control and musicality. Within her choreography and class, her message is to encourage dancers that they can accomplish anything; from ballet, to hip hop, to the natural and animalistic qualities of human as a whole"


Susanna Leinonen is one of the most internationally acclaimed Finnish choreographers. Her unique movement language connects contemporary dance to classical ballet technique. Incredibly physical and detailed movement, rapid changes in dynamics and strong articulation of the feet are central in Leinonen’s highly expressive movement language. Her works provide touching, surreal and dream-like glimpses into the human experience.

Susanna Leinonen Company was formed in 2001 and has so far performed in nearly 30 countries. The Company is known for collaborating with top creative professionals in sound, video, lighting, and costume design, with the aim of creating a complete aesthetic universe on stage.

In addition to her work as the artistic director of SLC, Susanna Leinonen has created commissioned works for major European companies such as The Royal Swedish Ballet, Danish Dance Theatre and Nürnberg Ballet.

Susanna Leinonen in movement teaching Mexico : photos by Julian Venado

Assisting Susanna is Camilla.

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Jonas Svensson

Vecka 15, 21 Modern Balett kl.9.30-11.00

"Min klass följer i grunden balettens uppbyggnad men är anpassad för moderna dansare. Jag fokuserar mycket på musikalitet och att det ska vara dansant och organiskt. Jag brukar variera musiken mellan olika musikstilar i min klass. Allt från jazz, populärmusik, folkmusik, balettmusik mm. Detta tror jag kan hjälpa dansarna att förhålla sig friare till rörelserna och att göra rörelsen till sin egen och inte falla in i invanda mönster."


Jonas Svensson är ursprungligen från Stockholm men har bott i Malmö i ca 16 år.

Jag är utbildad danspedagog och dansare vid Danshögskolan i Stockholm. Större delen av min karriär har jag jobbat som dansare i Skånes Dansteater. Jag var även med och startade dansgruppen Rytm bà som jobbar med stepp och rytm i kombination med modern dans.

I Skånes Dansteater har jag även jobbat som repetitör i flera omgångar. På senare år har jag även jobbat en del med teater bl. a. på Malmö Stadsteater.

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Eduardo Torroja, Mattia Gandini & Pietro La Loggia

Vecka 17 Balett månd. onsd. fred med Mattia Gandini. Torsd & fred Contemporary med Pietro La Loggia kl.9.30-11.00.




Mattia Gandini ballet teacher and executive director of A.F.I.

Mattia Gandini was born in Alessandria (Italy). He has studied music at the Conservatory Antonio Vivaldi and danced at the international Academy Rosella Hightower in Cannes, France. Later, he joined the Ballet Company of

the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Verona Arena, the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, and other important national and international theaters and ballet companies. In 1994 he created his first productions as a choreographer.

In 2004 he founded the Leggere Strutture Dance Company in Bologna, where he works as choreographer and artistic director. In 2008 he co-founded the Artistic and Cultural Center Leggere Strutture Art Factory.

In 2009 he was picked out to participate in the project Choreographic Collision, org nized by the Arsenale Danza, the Venice Biennale, and directed by Ismael Ivo. In march 2014 he collaborated with Brigel Gjoka (choreographer

and dancer of the Forsythe Company) on the project EKSOD, which debuted and the International Festival Napa in Pakistan, thanks to the contribution of the Goethe Institüt. In June 2014 he participated in a wo kshop with the choreographer David Zambrano, organized by the Venice Dance Biennale and directed by Virgilio Sieni.

In 2016 he founded the Art Factory International, center of dance and the international professional training program for young dancers. In 2019 he realized the new project Anfibia, an immersive and multi-disciplinary program

for performers and contemporary creators.

BIO: Pietro La Loggia

Worked as a professional modern dancer in different dance

company: Concept dance (Fra); Euregio Dance (ND); Norrdance (S) Skånes Dans Teater (S).

Worked in different dance production as freelance

In Germany, Sweden, Danmark, Norway, France...

Became certified instructor on Gyrotonic, Gyrotonic for dancer and Gyrokinesis exercise method.

"The contemporary class with Pietro La Loggia is focusing in find connection with your core and the extremity, to move in coordination and fluidity, release and power. Start by simple exercise on the floor to warm up the joints, the spine in relation to the center of the body. Class continue with combine release technique, strengthen exercise, balance and some gyrokinesis movement.

We finish with diagonal, jumping and combination movement."

WORKSHOP “ULTIMA VEZ - WIM VANDEKEYBUS REPERTOIRE” i samarbete med Dansalliansen 11.15-16.00.


"The workshop will focus on the energetic and physical repertoire vocabulary from the first three pieces of Ultima Vez: "What the Body Does Not Remember", "Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles" and "The Weight of a Hand".

It is about movement as a theatrical act.

Participants will follow the creation process going from the origins of the material, through the transitions and transformations of the vocabulary, until the final performed results. This vocabulary will also be the starting point to a guided development of the participants' own choreographic work. They will create their compositions through the form, the emotion, the strong theatrical atmosphere and the intention of the proposed material.

We will explore and confront this material through improvisations, floor-work, contact and partner work, group dynamic structures and objects' manipulation. To arrive to this vocabulary participants will work with a wide range of concepts such as: tension, instinct, chaos, sensuality, risk, trust, protection, dependency, power, strategies, neutrality, physical extremes... "

- Sneakers are required to participate in the workshop.


Eduardo Torroja was born in Madrid, Spain, where he studied dance and theatre.

Later moved to Brussels to found with Wim Vandekeybus the company Ultima Vez and collaborated as choreographer, trainer and performer for the very first productions: “What the Body Does Not Remember”, “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles”, “The Weight of a Hand” and the film “Roseland”.

Collaborated later as artistic assistant in “Blush” and “Sonnic Boom”.

Danced with Rosas - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in: “Erts” and “Mozart -Concertaria’s: Un Moto di Gioia”.

As an actor performed with Needcompany - Jan Lauwers - Grace Ellen Barkey in: “Rood-Red-Rouge”, “Morning Song”, “The Miraculous Mandarin”, “Caligula” and “King Lear”.

Directed and restaged the various remakes of “What the Body Does Not Remember” and “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles”.

Restaged scenes from the repertoire of Ultima Vez for: the Theater Bielefeld in Germany, SEAD - Salzburg,

Art Factory International - Bologna, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, P.A.R.T.S. - Brussels, DDSKS - Copenhagen, IT Dansa - Barcelona, State School of Athens, Ballet des Jeunes d’Europe...

He gave Ultima Vez repertoire workshops in: Brussels, Madrid, Amsterdam, Volgograd, Paris, New York, Athens, Seville, Ljubljana, Beirut, Lisbon, Tokyo, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Salzburg, Seoul, Mexico DF, Rotterdam...

Fluent in spoken English, Spanish, French and Italian and intermediate level in Portuguese.

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Julia Ehrstrand

V. 19 måndag 9.30-11.00 tisdag 9.30 -12.45 onsdag 9.30-12.45 Contemporary Jazz

Class description:

" Julia teaches a contemporary jazz class that utilizes spinal articulations and release techniques, and to find an organic way of moving and at the same time challenge the dancers technique and to find maximum range of movement. It starts with a set technical warm up with elements of floor work, stretch and strength. The warm up flows thru for 45min and then we work on a choreography phrase for the rest of the class. A big focus is for the dancers to find their own interpretation and flow of the movement- to make it feel natural in your body. "

Class reels:





Julia Ehrstrand graduated with a Bachelors Degree in dance/teaching from DOCH/University of Circus and Dance (Stockholm), She has also studied at Institut del Teatro (Barcelona) and graduated from the ISVP program at DNA in 2009.

She has danced for TNSP, Jana Hicks/Marijke Eliasberg, Max Stone, SexyBeastNYC, Carrasco Dance Company, Lane Co Arts and Carl Olof Berg, among others. Her choreography has been presented in various stages in NYC, Europe and Asia.

She has taught at The Juilliard School in (NYC), company classes for The Jose Limon Dance Company(NYC), The Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm, DOCH University of Dance and Circus (Stockholm), Balettakademien (Stockholm), Daily Professional Classes for Danscentrum (Stockholm), Amsterdam School of the Arts (Amsterdam), UiS/ University in Stavanger and at PRODA (Norway), the Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive (NYC), Ballet Hispanico, Peridance Capezio Center, Gina Gibney Dance, DNA, Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center and SUNY Purchase. Julia has also been dancing/ choreographing/teaching in China, Taiwan, Mexico,Japan, Taiwan, Uganda and Ethiopia. Julia along with Max Stone, co-choreographed and performed for the Rainforest Foundation Fund presented at Carnegie Hall.

This organization is run by rock musician, Sting, and wife, Trudie Styler, and is devoted to protecting rainforests and their indigenous peoples. Julia was also selected to show her work at Bryant Park Contemporary Dance Festival in NYC 2018 and FIDCDMX in Mexico City. Julia was a longtime faculty at Steps on Broadway, Peridance and Gibney Dance Studios during her 11years in NYC.

Since 2018 she started EDC/ Ehrstrand Dance Collective ( a international dance community ) with recent performances in NYC, Mexico City,Sweden and Taiwan. She is currently (on hold due to Covid 19) traveling the world to commission choreography work, teaching master classes,also touring with EDC and holding her yearly “Styggbo Residency” in the Swedish country side.

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Lydia Gelang

Vecka 19 Måndag 10/5 11.30 -13.00 Contemporary-Jazz


"Det är en contemporary-jazz klass som börjar med en uppvärmning uppbyggd på tekniska och styrkande övningar. Sen gör vi någon övning över golvet för att sedan avsluta med en kombination. Där ligger fokus på att hitta vårt eget rörelsespråk och utforska materialet på olika sätt."


Lydia Gelang är en professionell dansare och koreograf som är utbildad i Los Angeles och nu bosatt i Stockholm. Senast var hon på turné med musikalen Flashdance i Tyskland. Hon har även uppträtt på olika scener som Malmö Opera i föreställningen ”Tänk Om” och på Tv-program som ”Sommarkrysset”, ”Talang” och ”Fotbollsgalan”. Lydia har koreograferat till scener som Wallmans Salonger i Köpenhamn och till artister som Clara Mae och Mapei.

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Teresia Björk

Vecka 23 Finding tools 7/6 kl. 11.30-13.00 8/6 kl. 9.30-12.45 9/6 kl. 9.30-12.45

"Mitt fokus är att ge en klass eller snarare workshop i 3 dagar utifrån min egen metod ” Finding Tools” som bygger på att med enkla verktyg skapa koreografi och uttryck ihop med olika improvisationsövningar.

Klassen ger en relevant förberedelse för en dansares dagliga träning /arbete och är byggt på fysikalitet lust och kreativitet. Vi växlar att jobba i tystnad och i relation till olika världar av ljud.

Tillsammans och med tillfälle för reflektioner och högt i tak ger vi varandra utrymme och möjligheter att uttrycka oss fritt i rummet men med tydliga metodiska verktyg och teman.

Detta är en del av det vi ska prova att utforska under veckan genom rörelse, frågeställningar och experiment!

”Ledordet för veckan är IMAGINATION”



Teresia Björk är från Stockholm och utbildad på bla Kgl Sv Balettskolan,Balettakademien och DOCH. Hon har en lång och gedigen bakgrund som dansare och koreograf och har jobbat runt om i Sverige och världen i 30 år.

Teresia har haft täta samarbeten med teater och film- både som dansare, skådespelerska och koreograf-vilket avspeglar sig i hennes arbete. Under 7 år har Teresia jobbat med en trilogi om konstnärinnan Siri Derkert som blev -förutom tre sceniska verk- en film och en bok.

Våren 2020 hade Teresia premiär av ”Inre Rum” ett nytt verk på temat godhet på Dansens Hus i Stockholm.

Våren 2021 har Teresia haft ett samarbete med Per Jonsson Dance Center i Ljusdal genom en egen utställning av hennes danskonst över tid och visat del av nya verket ” AMORF".

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Kirstine Illum

V. 24 Embodied dance/ Sensitive flow 14, 15, 16/6 9.30-11.00

“My class is an embodied and explorative improvisation based practise, bringing in elements from yoga, authentic movement, breath work and the felt experience of being a human body. I'm very inspired by energy work and body Mind centering.

We will combine the alignment of the body with the connection to the floor and adding awareness of the breath to accomplish greater strength and explosivity.”


Kirstine Ilum has slowly moved from the stage to behind the scenes and has worked as a choreographer, teacher, producer, project manager, curator, co-founder, rehearsal director, tour manager, editor, driver, administrator, fundraiser, board member and mother.

Kirstine Ilum was the co-founder and director of the Malmö based dance company Somatic Noise. Today Kirstine is even working as a body therapist and yoga meditation teacher and has her own malmö based studio/clinic – read more at www.balanceroom.se

Clara Björck

Vecka 24 Jazz 16/6 11.15-12.45 17+18/6 11.15-12.45 + Repertoar 13.00-14.30 .

"Med en stark bas i jazzens dynamiska grunder: låg tyngdpunkt, suspension, musikalitet och form har jag byggt upp en klass där du som deltagare ska få möjlighet att arbeta igenom kroppen och få med dig inspiration in i din egen verksamhet, vare sig du undervisar eller är dansare. Klassen innehåller en gedigen uppvärmning med fokus på att bygga upp styrka och flås. Detta följs av förflyttningar över golvet och avslutas med en längre koreografi. Ibland väver jag även in improvisation i klassen med utgångspunkt i ett fysiskt eller musikaliskt utforskande.

Jag är starkt influerad av min samtid och försöker inkorporera flera av jazzens olika stilar och uttryck – utan att för den skull släppa dess tradition."


Clara Björck är utbildad Jazzdanspedagog på Dans och Cirkushögskolan i Stockholm och arbetar numera som frilansande pedagog, koreograf och dansare.I sin undervisning har hon mött både barn och vuxna, professionella och nybörjare och har ett stort intresse för hur man kan utveckla jazzdansen både konstnärligt och i undervisningssituationer.

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Toby Fitzgibbons

INSTÄLLD Vecka 24 Contemporary 9.30-11.00

"The class will have a dynamic released based feel, using phrases and choreographic sequences to warm up the body and mind, systemically. Fundamentals including the core, use of weight and breath will be worked on throughout.

The class will incorporate floor work, traveling, jumps and phrases. A sense of flow, connection with ourselves and others and tuning will be the key themes of the week.

I hope we can share some good feelings, some fun and some hard work."


Toby was a member of Scottish Dance Theatre [Janet Smith] for 8 years. Touring the UK, Europe and beyond. Performing works by choreographers including Liv Lorent, Rui Horta, Hofesh Shechter, James Wilton, Ina Christel Johannessen, Kate Weare and Rachel Lopez De La Nieta. Toby danced with Norrdans [Mira Helenius Martinsson] Sweden, for 3 years, touring Sweden and Europe. Performing works by choreographers including Ohad Naharin, Marcos Morau, Thomas Noone, Yossi and Oded, and Fernando Melo. Toby has freelanced with Emma Martin Dance [Dublin] and with Yossi Berg and Oded Graf Dance Theatre [Israel]. Toby Joined balletLORENT in summer 2015.

Photo: Nicole Guarino and Bengt Wanselius

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Daglig träning på Danscentrum Syd håller en hög nivå för professionellt verksamma utövare inom dansfältet, främst dansare, koreografer och pedagoger. Klasser och workshops finns i stilarna balett, modernt/nutida dans, jazz och street.

Vem kan delta? Behöriga till den dagliga träningen är:

  • frilansande dansare

  • koreografer

  • danspedagoger

Gäller yrkesverksamma; genomgått en godkänd yrkesutbildning, inskrivna på AF kultur eller anslutna till Teaterförbundets riksavdelning för dans. Den som inte kan påvisa yrkesverksamhet under de senaste fem åren eller inte kan upprätthålla rätt nivå på klass kan nekas rätt till den dagliga träningen. Dansare och koreografer från institutionsteatrarna kan delta i träningen i mån av plats.

Priser MEDLEM våren 2021:

Terminskort: 900 kr

Enskild klass: 100 kr

Veckokort: 300 kr

Klippkort/10 klasser: 750 kr. Obs! Gäller ett år från inköpsdatum.

Veckokort och klippkort gäller endast på den plats där det är köpt. Terminskortet kan endast köpas hos den DC-förening där du är medlem.

Terminskort gäller även i DCVäst, DCStockholm (ej Balettakademin), DCNorr och på Dansehallerne Kbh.

Priser ICKE MEDLEM våren 2021:

Terminskort: 1500 kr

Enskild klass: 150 kr

Veckokort: 500 kr

Klippkort/10 klasser: 1000 kr Obs! Gäller ett år från inköpsdatum.

Alla träningskort gäller endast där du köpt dem.

Sharing sessions är kostnadsfritt för medlemmar. För icke medlemmar 1 klipp eller 100/150 kr/session.

Observera att baletten/daglig träning på Balettakademien, Stockholm ej ingår i vårt träningskort.